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Welcome to us!

It is very important
for us to meet the new owner of a
kitten in person.
The first contact can be through E-mail,
phonecall or sms.


S*IC Strickertgårdens Ferrari  a 09 23

IDP*Axzons Cilvie fs 24, R.I.P

S*Strickertgårdens White King Nfo w


S*Strickertgårdens White Lady Nfo w







Strickertgårdens Lilly

Owner: Malin Andersson

 Strickertgårdens Karloz Nfo w 64 ,10 month on the picture

Owner: NL*Norforcats Nfo

Visit S*Strickertgårdens White Prince & White Queen

owner: Kaisa Kuosku

S*Strickertgårdens White Princess

Owner: NL * Peruns Cattery